Get your Clintu and don’t worry anymore about the small repairs in your house or office. Pretending to be a fool to not put the furniture together it’s a thing form the past, be smarter and tell us what you need or book our annual packs.

Our Handyman service undertakes to do furniture assembly, make holes, electronic repairs and plumbing. Basically, all you’ve always been wanting to do and didn’t even know how to start.

An remember that: 

  • Get your quote or annual plan at an economic price with no comitment.
  • Professionals for each type of services
  • Tell us what you need! Sure we can help you
  • Customer service 7 days a week

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How does it work

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    1. Request your service

    Tell us what and when you need it. You can also book an annual maintenance service

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    2. Professional sevice and safe online payment

    A professional handyman will take care of the work for you, you can pay online.

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    3. Keep your house suitable

    There is no need to put off your house tasks anymore. Clintu will take care of them

What does the service include

  • Furniture assembly and dismantling
  • Home improvement
  • Plumbing
  • Electrician

Furniture assembly and dismantling

  • Kits assembly, like the IKEA ones
  • Gluing chairs, tables and woden beds
  • Closet and sofa assembly
  • Buy it in the store or pick it up

Home improvement

  • Hanging curtains, pictures or accessories
  • Shower holder, shelves and trim placement
  • Window insulation
  • Hinge replacement
  • Door and handler installation or replacement


  • Change faucets
  • Leak repairment
  • Toilet tank replacement
  • Sanitary and faucets installation
  • Kitchen elements installation (sink, dishwasher, washing machine)


  • Plug replacement or reparation
  • Revision and replacement of differential and fuse
  • Open a new light point
  • Embed cable
  • Lamp installation


  • How does the Handyman service work?

    The service offered by Clintu takes care of the little repairs and furniture assembly. Just tell us what you need, and we'll send you a professional according to your needs.

  • What does the service include?

    It includes the hours of labour, up to 3 hours when you book the anual service pack. Materials and replacements are not included. 

  • Whats the difference between quotation and annual packs?

    Quotation is meant to be for the complex jobs ore the ones which require more than 3 hours of labour. We recommend you the annual pack where you have 2 services of any kinf of 3 hour labour each.

  • How many hours of service do I need?

    You can contact us directly or check our general estimations for each task. Sure that is less that the time you've been postponing it.

Be smarter

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Whatever your need is, we have the perfect professional

icon-porqueclintu-axa.svg Service insured by AXA

We want your house to be perfect after the service. That's why Axa insures damages occurring during the service

icon-porqueclintu-garantiaclintu.svg We guarantee that you're going to stop "pretending to be a fool"

The average service rating is 4.8/5. We are convinced all our services at your house or business will meet your expectations.


More than 100.000 people stopped "pretending to be a fool"

The average rating of the service is 4,8/5 and 9 out of 10 services are rated with 5 stars. We take very seriously our customers reviews.

Francisco (Madrid)

I moved to a new flat and Clintu took care of collecting and assembling all my furniture. Thank you!

Elena (San Sebastián)

In a few hours I had all my lamps in my apartment set up and working. 

Oriol (Esplugues de Llobregat)

I've been wanting to hang all my pictures and to fix the water tank for weeks. In a few clicks, problem solved. 

Book with Clintu your Handyman service

We have packs at your disposal so you can finish this homework that has been in your to do list for ages. 

César Handyman Madrid 5 (251 services)
Valoraciones de César:
"He is very skilled, nice and clean. I definitely recommend him to all kind of jobs."
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Pablo Handyman Bacelona 5 (114 services)
Valoraciones de Pablo:
"Pablo is a great handyman. He assembled all the furniture in my dining room during one morning"
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Óscar Handyman Barcelona 5 (57 services)
Valoraciones de Óscar:
"In a few hours our bathroom looked like it was new. I wish I had heard about Clintu before."
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Find you Handyman service with Clintu: furniture, home improvements, electrician, plumbing

Clintu offers different kind of handyman services. So you don't have to make up an excuse to keep delaying those repayments you're too lazy to fix. You can have your plumbing, furniture assemble, woodwork done. Clintu helps you with antthing you may need.