Water for offices

Use the smart, comfortable and economical way of drinking water in your office. Clintu offers the dispenser and supply of refreshing water for your office on an ongoing basis and according to the demand.

Constant water supply adapted to the needs of your office. Easy and agile online management.

And remember that:

  • Customized supply
  • Smart dispenser
  • Online management of the service
  • Personalized customer service

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    2. Online and easy management

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    3. Ready!

    Clintu takes care of everything. Enjoy the water and dispenser in your office every day according to your needs.

What does the service include

  • Smart water dispenser
  • Management of the service

Smart water dispenser

Smart water dispenser

  • Adjustable thermostat for hot and cold water
  • Practical ergonomic dispenser for carrying water
  • Shelf for storing bottles
  • Maintenance of continued
  • Machine always sanitized

Management of the service

Management of the service

  • Regular distribution
  • Personalized service
  • Extra deliveries according to demand
  • Instant management using the App


  • How can I place an order?

    It is only necessary to fill in our contact form and we will call you, no commitment.

  • What is included in the service?

    Installation of machine, periodic sanitation, technical maintenance and delivery service.

  • Do I need to buy the water dispenser?

    It is not necessary to buy the water dispenser. It is property of the distributor and we do not sell it.

  • What is the distribution system?

    You assigne you a delivery period, it can be bi-weekly, monthly or according to your demand in order to customize your service and meet the needs of your office at any time.

  • What happens if I run out of bottles?

    As soon as we receive your notice we will process the matter urgently and we will deliver the bottles you need until the next scheduled delivery. You will be able to put a notice of water both through the application and through customer service phone number.

  • What are the customer service hours?

    Our customer service is open 7 days a week from 08:00 to 20:00. Except on Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 to 19:00.

Be smarter

icon-water-wo-bg.png We make it easy for your team

With Clintu the water supply for your office is one less problem to worry about. We offer you a comfortable and economical service to provide your team with the best quality.

icon-porqueclintu-axa.svg Service insured by AXA

We want your house to be perfect after the service. That's why Axa insures damages occurring during the service

icon-porqueclintu-garantiaclintu.svg We guarantee that you're going to stop "pretending to be a fool"

The average service rating is 4.8/5. We are convinced all our services at your house or business will meet your expectations.


More than 100.000 people stopped "pretending to be a fool"

The average rating of the service is 4,8/5 and 9 out of 10 services are rated with 5 stars. We take very seriously our customers reviews. 

Patricia (Barcelona)

Service always correct, they have never failed us, when there is a change in the office they quickly adapt to our requests without any surprises.

Rubén (Sevilla)

After two years of buying and transporting water bottles for our whole office we tested the water supply with Clintu and we haven't had to worry about anything else.

Marta (Madrid)

We have a lot of work to do in our offce. Since we use Clintu we do not need to worry about purchasing water. The best part is its quality and the option of modifying the temperature.

Purchase bottled water service for offices with Clintu

Install the dispensing water machine for your office so you can get a continued chilled water service in your workplace. You only need to book the bottled water service with Clintu and forget about having to buy water or transportating refreshing bottled water to your office.