Full alarm installation in your home or office

Get a quote for your alarm in just 1 click with the leading alarm provider in Spain and Europe. Maximum security when you are at home and when you are away

Our alarm systems give you protection against any type of intrusion. Thanks to our alarm, your home will also be protected against an attempt to occupy it, preventing it from being occupied, and giving notice to the police and providing evidence so that they can proceed to evict you.

Our supplier has more than 30 years of experience developing the most advanced security products and protocols.

And remember that we have:

  • Exclusive technology against theft and occupation.
  • We detect an intrusion attempt in just 29'' and we notify the police.
  • We avoid costs of up to 50,000 euros and years in legal proceedings to evict your home.
  • Payment, management and installation 100% safe and easy. 

Get security and confidence with the installation of the leading alarms in the sector.

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    1. Tell us what you need

    Choose your needs and you will be able to choose a transparent budget in a few hours. 

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    2. Receive tailor-made advice

    We adapt to your needs to provide total protection for your home and family.

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    3. Enjoy!

    Trust our network of professionals. Enjoy security and peace for you and your family.

What does the service include

  • Exclusive technology
  • Immediate Action

Technology against theft and occupation

  • Early detection of intrusion with Shocksensor technology for doors and windows.
  • Surveillance cameras connected to the alarm centre to identify the intruder and activate the police warning.
  • Alarm immune to inhibition with its own signal transmission network.

Specialized experts in intrusions and emergencies

  • Police or emergency alert in seconds in case of danger.
  • Alarm centre with the largest number of experts in Europe.
  • Specialized security professionals available 24 hours a day.

Frequent questions

  • How can I contract my home alarm?

    Complete the form and a security specialist will make a study and show you which elements are necessary to protect your home. You can contract your home alarm at the same time or whenever you wish.

  • Does the alarm notify the police?

    The alarms have a police warning, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

  • Can I monitor my home remotely?

    The alarm can be controlled wherever you are, from your mobile phone or tablet, with your APP MY Verisure. Included in your fee.

  • Are the alarms wireless?

    The alarms do not need wiring of any kind. They are totally wireless so you can install them without the need for cables or building work.

  • How can I install my home alarm?

    Installing your home alarm is very simple. At Clintu we include this service with your alarm and it is our installers who will leave it perfectly installed in your home. 

Be smarter

Security experts and industry leaders

Total protection for your home and family, both when you are indoors and when you are outdoors.

We have Securitas Direct.

Service provided by Securitas Direct. With more than 30 years of experience developing the most advanced security products and protocols, a leading alarm company in Spain and Europe.

Our guarantee, your satisfaction

Our average rating of our services is 4,8/5. We are convinced that all the services in your apartment or business will meet your expectations.


More than 1.000 business offices stopped "pretending to be fools"

The average rating of the service is 4,8/5 and 9 out of 10 services are rated with 5 stars. We take very seriously the reviews made by customers.

Marc (Madrid)

Very happy with the installation, easy to use and all entrances to the house are covered.  

Mari and Jaime (Pozuelo)

We were worried because every weekend we go away and leave the house empty, without a dog, or anything. In the end we opted for the Clintu alarm and it was all very easy, advice and problem-free installation.

Lucia (Madrid)

Very correct service. They contacted us and from the first moment they gave us what we needed. They were very kind and adapted to what we asked for at all times. The whole family is much more relaxed.

Get peace with maximum security for you and yours.

In a few minutes you will have a budget adjusted to your needs. Forget about more worries and improve your quality life. 

Rafa Alarm installation in second home Barcelona 5 (76 Installations)
Valoraciones de Rafa:
Rafa made a perfect installation. In one morning the whole security system was integrated and that same night we slept peacefully.
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Sergio Installation of Alarms Valencia 5 (68 installations)
Valoraciones de Sergio:
The installer came, made a study of the whole house and explained to us how it works. It gave me a lot of confidence and you can tell that they are professionals.
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Instalador Alarmas Clintu
Marc Installation of Alarms Madrid 5 (72 Installations)
Valoraciones de Marc:
The installer came and it only took one day to get everything ready, no work was necessary, we are very happy with the final result. We just wanted more tranquillity because our house is a little far from the centre.
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Get your quote for the installation of your alarm in one click.

Clintu has professionals from Securitas Direct to install any type of security system in your home and office. Our network of partners allows us to adapt to your air conditioning needs.