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Clintu allows you to manage your office cleaning service with total ownership

In a few minutes you'll be able to book your cleaning service online. On top, you'll also be able to download your budget for valuation if required.

And remember that we offer a: 

  • Hourly flexible service
  • No obligation to stay
  • Coronavirus protocol
  • Competitive price

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    1. Book your cleaning service

    You'll also be able to download your budget or request a call.

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    2. Get your cleaner

    Your regular cleaner will be at your service as planned.

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    3. Your space clean and disinfected

    We know that your team and customers are the most important thing for you. Forget about managing your cleaning service.

What does the service include

  • Working desk
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen / office

Working desk

  • Clean all surfaces
  • Sweep and wipe floors
  • Special care for electronic equipment
  • Everything spotless for the next working day


  • Clean all surfaces and mirrors
  • Wash and sanitize the toilet
  • Sweep and wash up the floor
  • Wipe down tiles


  • Clean all surfaces and microwave
  • Load up or empty the dishwasher
  • Sweep and wash up the floor
  • Take out the garbage bag


  • How does Clintu work for a business office?

    Currently, Clintu offer services to individuals and businesses. We also have cleaners which cover services at neighbors communities, stores and parkings. If you need a cleaning service for your office, you can access to our business area in our website and fill the form there or send us an email to We will get back to you with a personalized quote.

  • Is there a minimum term?

    No. Clintu doesn't require a minimum term or impose you other restriction. You'll only be charged for the completed cleaning hours.

  • What payment method can I use?

    Payments are made by monthly by direct debit or you can also pay by credit card. All your receipts will be sent to you monthly and are also available online for you to check them.  

    Payments and invoices are processed on the 16th of each month.

  • Does Clintu provide the cleaning products?

    Yes, Clintu can provide all the products needed if you wish. You will not have to worry about anything. Clintu is here to help you!

Be smarter

Repeat with the same cleaner anytime you want

You'll have the same cleaner every week. But you can also try more than one cleaner if you wish to. 

Service insured by AXA

We want your office to be perfect after the service. That's why Axa insures damages occurring during the service

We guarantee that you're going to stop "pretending to be a fool"

The average service rating is 4.8/5. We are convinced all our services at your house or business will meet your expectations.


More than 1.000 business offices stopped "pretending to be fools"

The average rating of the service is 4,8/5 and 9 out of 10 services are rated with 5 stars. We take very seriously the reviews made by customers.

Sergi Tarragona (Cloudworks (Co-workings) - Barcelona & Madrid)

"Clintu gives us the flexibility and scalability a multi-location business requires. Clintu's immediacy allows us to get to where our customers require in a confortable and efficient way.

Laura Dolado (Seaya Ventures - Madrid)

"It's been more than 3 years now since our first service with Clintu. Very efficent with anything we ask for. And they also took care of our last office removal". 

Nacho Jané (Farmacia Elkano - Barcelona)

"For a pharmacy the cleaning and hygiene are really important. With Clintu we keep every corner organized and impeccable. Among with their economic fees, we found the perfect solution"

David Schamroth (Maverick Media - Barcelona)

"We have our own cleaning team, but we count on Clintu for the holiday season or any unexpected situation one of our cleaning employees can have. The flexible service is the ideal complement for our office."

Cristian Sánchez (Deliveroo - Madrid)

"Clintu makes sure we have a clean and tidy work atmosphere. We’ve collaborating with them for more than 3 years so far and we are really satisfied with the received service through their platform."

Let Clintu manage your office

In just a few clicks you'll be able to book your cleaning service or download a personalized budget adapted to your office's needs. We grow with you so we adjust to whatever you need.

Eric Business Office Cleaning Madrid 5 433
Valoraciones de Eric:
"When we get to our office on Mondays Eric has already left the office spotless. It's a pleasure to start the week like this."
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Ximena Business Office Cleaning Barcelona 5 577
Valoraciones de Ximena:
"For the last 2 years, Ximena leaves our office really clean every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She also takes care that nothing is missing. Thanks!"
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Alina Business Office Cleaning Valencia 5 231
Valoraciones de Alina:
"Alina makes everything look shiny and let Clintu know when we run out of some cleaning product. They replace it ,so we don't have to worry at all."
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Manage your cleaning and other services for your business with Clintu

Book your cleaning service online or download a competitive qbudget for valuation. Join the thousands of users that book Clintu for their businesses. In just a few hours you'll assigned the professional that best suits your needs.