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What is included

  • Annual revision of your Air Conditioner
  • Unlimited Air Conditioner Reparations

Annual revision of your Air Conditioner*

  • If your Air Conditioner is a Split model, the annual revision it will include: check filter status, condenser battery inspection, check gas pressure, check electric status.
  • If your air conditioner is by conduct, the revision will include: interior filter cleaning, air diffusers cleaning, exterior ventilation grills cleaning

Unlimited Air Conditioner Reparations*

  • It includes transportation and up to 3 labour hours of an experienced technic to solve reparations and fixtures.

  • No limit of interventions per year.

  • Phone Customer Attention 24/7 every day of the year.

  • One year guarantee for every reparation.

*Service does not include: Systems which have less than 6 months or more than 15 years. Superficial damages or damages which don’t allow the normal utilisation of the system or the supply of refrigerant gas.


  • What does not include the service?
    • Systems which have less than 6 months or more than 15 years.
    • Gas refrigerant supply.
    • Centralized Air Conditioner systems or Systems which are not Split.
    • Superficial damages like scratches.
  • What does the service include?

    The service includes:

    • Reparations or damage in Split or Conduct Air Conditioners. It includes transportation and 3 hours of labour from a specialist. No limit of interventions.
    • An annual revision of the Air Condition system.
    • Customer Attention 24/7 every day.
    • One-year guarantee in all reparations.
  • When and where I must make the payments?

    The payment of the service should take place the moment the contract is formalised. The next payments should be made according to what the contract indicates depending on the formalisation dates.

  • When can I start using the service?

    The service coverage starts once the first receipt is paid. This service has a 10-day waiting period.

Be smarter

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Forget about summer’s heat and winter’s cold. With Clintu your home is always at the perfect temperature.


We want to offer the best service, that’s why we collaborate with Habitssimo that covers any reparation or installation in Split or Conduct Air Conditioner systems

Our guarantee, your satisfaction

Our average rating of our services is 4,8/5. We are convinced that all the services in your apartment or business will meet your expectations.


More than 1.000 business offices stopped "pretending to be fools"

The average rating of the service is 4,8/5 and 9 out of 10 services are rated with 5 stars. We take very seriously the reviews made by customers.

Isabel (Valladolid)

After last summer I didn’t want to spend another one like that. At Clintu I found the best offer and in 48h I had my new air conditioner installed.

Nicolás (Madrid)

My flat has a really bad climatization and I wanted to install my air conditioner for a long time. Thanks Clintu!

Carla (Sevilla)

Me and my husband wanted to install an air conditioner in our room and another one in the living room. Clintu took care of everything.

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Julián Aire acondicionado santiago 5 (23 servicios)
Valoraciones de Julián:
“En una mañana tenía 2 aparatos montados y todo impecable. Lo recomiendo 100%.”
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Felipe Aire acondicionado Madrid 5 (111 servicios)
Valoraciones de Felipe:
“¡Gran profesional! Nos aconsejó dónde poner cada parte para optimizar la climatización y sobretodo la salida de agua.”
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Tomás Aire acondicionado Barcelona 5 (143 servicios)
Valoraciones de Tomás:
“Tomás es limpio y eficiente. Instaló un aire acondicionado en el comedor y funciona perfectamente.”
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Clintu Air Conditioner Installation

Get your quote for your air conditioner installation with one click. Clintu has professionals to install any kind of air conditioner at your home or office. Our network of partners allow us to adapt to your needs.