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What does the service include?

  • Kitchen
  • Living-dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom


  • Dust the extractor hood
  • Load up or empty the dishwasher
  • Clean the tap
  • Clean all surfaces and microwave
  • Clean the stove
  • Take out the garbage
  • Sweep/hoover and wash up the floor

Living-dining room

  • Dust furniture
  • Place the sofa and cushion
  • Dusting paintings and other decorative pieces
  • External cleaning of furniture and cupboards
  • Surface cleaning
  • Take out garbage
  • Sweep/hoover and wash up the floor


  • Ventilate
  • Make the bed
  • Fold clothes
  • Clean the furniture
  • Empty bins
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Sweep/hoover and wash up the floor


  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down mirrors
  • Wipe down tiles
  • Wash and sanitize the toilet
  • Clean the sink
  • Wash the toilet and bidet
  • Sweep/hoover and wash up the floor

The service does not include the cleaning of the upholstery, windows located in places with falling risk and curtain. Other tasks such as gardening, mold and fungus treatment and pest extermination are not included either.


  • What's included in the cleanning service?

    Depends on the length and the areas you book for, following task are made:

    Kitchen: Dust the extractor hood, load up or empty the dishwasher, clean the tap, clean all surfaces and microwave, clean the stove, take out the garbage, sweep/hoover and wash up the floor

    Living-dining room: Dust furniture, place the sofa and cushion, dusting paintings and other decorative pieces, external cleaning of furniture and cupboards, surface cleaning, take out garbage, sweep/hoover and wash up the floor

    Bedroom: Ventilate, make the bed, fold clothes, clean the furniture, empty bins, dust all accessible surfaces, sweep/hoover and wash up the floor

    Bathroom: Dust all accessible surfaces, wipe down mirrors and tiles, wash and sanitize the bathroom, clean the sink, wash the toilet and bidet, sweep/hoover and wash up the floor


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  • How do I know that the cleaner is trustable?

    You have the chance to review the cleaning service after its done. Those reviews help to maintain a standard of quality and guarantee the security. You can check those reviews in your customer area. Remember that you can book you home cleaning service in Barcelona, Madrid and other areas.

  • Can I book a recurring service?

    Of course! You can book for a one-time, weekly or biweekly service or even twice per week. In the booking process you'll have to select the recurrence you want for your service. We'd be pleased to plan your hourly cleaning service so you become part of Clintu.

  • Ironing service. What is included and how much time do I need?

    As long as you don't have big pieces of clothes (bed sheets, table linen), about 6-8 items can be covered by an hour ironing service.

    Some clothes are ironed faster (t-shirts and underwear for example) and other items such as shirts can take longer.

    Remember to inform if you have delicate items that request special request during the ironing.

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Maria (Madrid)

I've been using Clintu weekly for the last 2 years. My apartment always looks perfect.

Alex (Barcelona)

I used the app to book in less than 1 minute. I can talk with my cleaner and have my flat cleaned and the clothes ironed once a week

Laura (Valencia)

I wasn't very sure about the online booking, it's been a complete success. It's very easy, now 2 or 3 times a month we book a service with Clintu.

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Paloma B. House Cleaning Barcelona 5 941
Valoraciones de Paloma B.:
Paloma is very nice and very good at her work!!! The house was very clean. I give her 15 out of 10! It was great.
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Fabiana S House Cleaning Madrid 5 775
Valoraciones de Fabiana S:
Wonderful as always. Perfectionist, active and punctual. The service was very effective.
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Adriana D. House Cleaning Alicante 5 144
Valoraciones de Adriana D.:
Once more the service was very good. I give her 5 stars.
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