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  • How does Clintu work?

    Clintu is a marketplace that allows you to book your cleaning service in just a few minutes and totally online.

    Thousands of people use Clintu for the cleaning, moving, handyman and many other servicer.

    In the cleaning, in just three easy steps you can detail your needs, selecting day and time  for the cleaning or ironing;service  like the day and;time neededás. If more time is needed más or less time we try to be flexible because we know it's difficult to calculate the cleaning hours needed.

    Once your reserva, it's completed; stayá available for any cleaner from the platform. According to their availability and schedule they are going to be able to accept the service. Verify in your personal area the cleaner assigned. The 99% of the services are accepted without any incidence, if there's any problem (lack of availability or the direction is not found) we'll get in touch with you to fix it as soon as possible.

    Clintu's intention is that you have scheduled;your cleaning service;so you can spend yout time in what makes you happy.

    If you have doubts or need any kind of clarification;n we will call you to say hi or help you out. If you have questions about the cleaning or ironing service hourly, contact us with no doubt ¡we'll be glad to meet you!

    Puedes reservar aquí tu house cleaning with total flexibility.

  • How can I know if the cleaner is trustable?

    After every hourly cleaning service you'll be able to;rate it. Your feedback after every  de home cleaning service  allow us to;keep the quality and guarantee the security. Además you can see the service rating en tu zona de usuario.

    Remember that you can book a  cleaning service in the area of BarcelonaMadrid y otras zonas.

    You can book here; tu home cleaning service with total flexibility así like any other service you might need.

  • Should I leave the keys for the service?

    There's no need to leave the keys if you are going to be in the cleaning service per hours, if you are not there a neighbour or the doorman can keep them. The first day of the;home cleaning service we recomend to be at home to be able to indicate during the cleaning service, where are the cleaning productos or any other aspect you may find relelvant.

    If you want, you can leave the keys with the cleaner the same way you would have done with other people, always under your responsability. In the cases where you are not going to be at home during the cleaning hours

    If you prefer having control of who enters to your place we recomend you  the intelligent box keeper where only authorised users can acces to its interior r. For more information write to and if you want it you'll get a special discount for Clintu users.

    You can also get information about regular hourly cleaning services.

    You can book here; tu hourly cleaning services with total flexibility.

  • What happens if there's any damage? We have AXA insurance

    The services weekly or every two weeks booked with Clintu's  are insured in case any damage occursduring the lenght of the service.

    The incident must be reported during the next  24 following hours to benefit from the AXA insurance.

    Be aware that the insurance  does not aply if the service was agreeded outside Clintu's platform. It only covers broken things and burnt clothes if it happens during the service.

    You can book here; your service with total flexibility in the areas of BarcelonaMadrid u other areas

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Repite con la misma cleaner
Repeat with your cleaner anytime

In the hourly cleaning services you can always have the same cleaner and check the availability.

Service insured by AXA

We want your flat to be spotless after every service. That's why the services are insured by AXA.

We guarantee that you're going to stop "pretending to be a fool"

The average service rating is 4.8/5. We are convinced all our services at your house or business will meet your expectations.

Book your Clintu and get rid off all your house tasks

Book in one minute your house cleaning service. Select how many hours you need to book and select your trusted cleaner for your cleaning service. The ratings after every cleaning service allow us to make you find the perfect service according to your needs.